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  • Sprayers / Fogging machines




    Disinfects the air by destroying micro-organisms by using 3 way purification technology, filtration, ionisation and UV-C light disinfection.


  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    AIR 160 STAND


    AIR 160 STAND

    • AIR 160 disinfects the air by destroying microorganisms using a 3 way purification technology filtration, ionisation and UV C light disinfection
    • Same technologies used to purify the air in hospital operating theatres
    • Controls Viruses, Bacteria, Moulds, Fungi, Mites, Dust and particulates,Pollen, Cigarette smoke, Harmful gases, Odours.
    • Disinfects and purifies the air in enclosed areas up to 99.99%
    • Eliminates micro organisms that are present In the air
    • Improves the quality of the air/promotes a comfortable feeling
    • Has a positive effect on your health & reduction in Inhalation allergies.
    • Strengthens the resistance of the body against diseases
    • Suitable for areas up to 400 m 3 Adjustable up to 50 m 3 air per hour
    • Reduced noise level Annual replacement of UV C lamp and filter
  • Other Pests



    Ready for use non residual natural contact insecticide solution for the control of insects in households, retail- and food premises.

    Water base formulation
    No oil residue
    Registered for food premisis

  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    ATOMER II – Ultra low volume electrical sprayer


    High speed rotary atomizer (more than 10 000 rpm)

    I ndependent air chemical control valve.

    Moving atomizerhead for more convenient application.

    Optimized design for small scale work.

    The consumption of chemicals and water is minimized while pests or disease control effect is maximized due

    to the spray system of the ultra fine particles.

    4 L tank, 1 2 L/min discharge rate 20 50 micron droplet size 4 3 kg dry weight 6 m

    Electrical cord

  • Flies/Flying Insects

    Avi-stelspuit Refill(REFILL FOR DISPENSERS 243ML-300ML)


    A metered dose insecticide for use with an aotomatic aerosol dispenser for the control of flying insect pests

    Kills and repells flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects
    Low mamalian toxicity

  • Ants

    Long last


    Flushing Aerosol

    Excellent residual control on many types of surfaces
    Compliment indoor residual spraying programmes
    360 degree valve and nozzle extention
    Rapid knockdown and killing action
    Cockroaches, ants, fleas, fishmoths and crickets
    Excellent flushing properties – Cypermethrin High Cis (kill) and Prallethrin (knockdown) Cracks and crevice treatments
    Piperonyl Butoxide (synergist) increases the activity of the pyrethroids and plays a vital role in insect resistance management

  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    MATABI BERRY 1.5- Versatie 1 liter hand sprayer


    Multi purpose hand sprayer for pesticides, fertilizer, disinfectant application.

    Made of durable UV stable poly propylene.

    Made by injection moulding, not blow moulded.

    This allows translucent tank.

    Internal pressure valve and is rated to 2.8 bar Tested up to 8.5- 9.0 bar.

    Broad base allows sprayer to remain upright when placed on uneven surfaces.

  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    MATABI BERRY 7- Proffessional 5 liter shoulder sprayer


    Useful capacity 5 litre

    Liquid level indication viaTranslucenttank

    Easy transport and filling

    Ergonomic handle, filter with viton seals and rustproof spring

    Adjustable conical nozzle and adapter for accessories Viton closing valve

    Fibre glass lance

    Bottom drainage for easy cleaning

    Easy use and maintenance

    Easy access to all parts Tool Free

    Full colour unitary packaging

  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    MATABI EVOLUTION 16- Proffessional 16 liter back pack sprayer


    Total capacity 16 L Resistant and light polypropylene tank

    Translucent side level indicator New steel chromed handle

    Pressure regulator (adjustable at 1 5 bar 3 bars and fullyopen)

    Adjustable padded straps Herbicide elbow nozzle

    Internal reinforcing rib Long fibre glass lance 95 vm)

    Carrying handle and lance mount Ambidextrous, for left/right operation of lever Eccentric chamber with high resistance and capacity

    Easy maintenance

    Variety nozzles (adjustable nozzle, 2 X insecticide/fungicide nozzles, 1 X Herbicide deflecting nozzle)

  • Flies/Flying Insects

    Metered Kill Insecticide Refill (REFILL FOR DISPENSERS 243ML-300ML)


    A metered dose insecticide for use with an aotomatic aerosol dispenser for the control of flying insect pests

    Kills and repells flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects
    Natural insecticide
    Low mamalian toxicity

  • Sprayers / Fogging machines



    MICROBURST 3000 DISPENSER- Automatic Aerosol System

    Disinfectant metered dose aerosol

    Wall mounted dispenser sprays a metered dose disinfectant that spreads and settles onto surfaces in.

    The disinfectant kills airborne germs and germs on surfaces on contact

    Microburst dispenser

    •Two size dispenser 3000

    •Strong durable Poli propoline construction to last for decades

    •LCD display shows days before aerosol runs empty battery life

    •Alarm notification Low Battery and empty aerosol

    •Precise individual programming

    •Hours of operation per day 8 12 16 24

    •Set exact time to start operation

    •Set which days of the week for operation

    •Backwards programming

    •Set how many days aerosol should last 30 60 90

    •Regardless of individual customer settings, dispenser adjust spray intervals in order for aerosol to always last 30 days Aerosol

  • Other Pests



    Ready-to-use insecticide solutions for ULV and fogging equipment

    Nimbus®Space Spray is an ultra low volume(ULV)space spray developed for the control of stored product insects and insects of public health and veterinary importance
    It is used in the control of both flying and crawling insects