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  • Ants

    Bombex Lambda CS (5L)


    A broad spectrum encapsulated suspension insecticide for the control of malaria vectors and mosquitoes, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fish moths, house flies, hide and skin beetles in houses, hotels, hostels, restaurants, kitchens, etc.

    Concentrate containing slow releasing micro-capsules
    Very long residual action Very low mammalian toxicBroad spectrum of control More consistent control Capsules attaches to insects for prolonged absorption Better retention on all surfaces Insects carry capsules into nestsUV resistant when used outdoorsLow odorUse in- and Outdoors

  • Ants

    Long last


    Flushing Aerosol

    Excellent residual control on many types of surfaces
    Compliment indoor residual spraying programmes
    360 degree valve and nozzle extention
    Rapid knockdown and killing action
    Cockroaches, ants, fleas, fishmoths and crickets
    Excellent flushing properties – Cypermethrin High Cis (kill) and Prallethrin (knockdown) Cracks and crevice treatments
    Piperonyl Butoxide (synergist) increases the activity of the pyrethroids and plays a vital role in insect resistance management

  • Moles

    Mole Guard (100G)


    Moles have a hyper-sensitive sense of smell whereby their food source is located

    Mole Guard contains natural herbs and plant material that moles dislike and they will move away from the treated area
    Active Ingredient(s):
    Mole Guard is Bio-degradable and will not harm animals or plants

  • Moles

    Talpirid Mole Trap


    An effective mole trap


    • heavy-duty, dual-spring trap
    • a quick and safe ”hands free”’ trap for moles.
    • easy to place and set in an active mole tunnel
    • it can be safely disengaged and relocated to other mole tunnels, depending on the severity of the infestation.
    • the trap can be used over and over again for multiple kills.