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  • Flies/Flying Insects

    AGITA FLY BAIT , 400g


    Effective control of flying insects/flies


    • fly bait with natural attractants for the control of house flies in and around animal housing,manure heaps,refuse tips outside of human dwellings and food handling plants
    • can be applied as a smear or a dry bait in the wind resistant fly bait station
  • Sprayers / Fogging machines




    Disinfects the air by destroying micro-organisms by using 3 way purification technology, filtration, ionisation and UV-C light disinfection.


  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    AIR 160 STAND


    AIR 160 STAND

    • AIR 160 disinfects the air by destroying microorganisms using a 3 way purification technology filtration, ionisation and UV C light disinfection
    • Same technologies used to purify the air in hospital operating theatres
    • Controls Viruses, Bacteria, Moulds, Fungi, Mites, Dust and particulates,Pollen, Cigarette smoke, Harmful gases, Odours.
    • Disinfects and purifies the air in enclosed areas up to 99.99%
    • Eliminates micro organisms that are present In the air
    • Improves the quality of the air/promotes a comfortable feeling
    • Has a positive effect on your health & reduction in Inhalation allergies.
    • Strengthens the resistance of the body against diseases
    • Suitable for areas up to 400 m 3 Adjustable up to 50 m 3 air per hour
    • Reduced noise level Annual replacement of UV C lamp and filter
  • Rodents/Rats

    Alpha bait station


    Quality tamper-resistant bait stations keep bait away from children, pest and non-target animals. They also keep bait fresher for longer by protecting it from dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants. Unique key to open.

  • Ants

    Alphathrin 100ml


    For effective control of ants, bedbugs, bird lice, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, flies, and other pests


    • a suspension concentrate and contact and stomach insecticide with a long lasting effect for the pests as listed:
      Mosquitos, flies, bed-bugs, fish moths, cockroaches, ants and fleas and ticks
  • Ants

    Alphathrin 1L



    Effective control of ants, bedbugs, bird lice/biting insects, cockroaches, crickets, fleas/ticks, and flies/flying insects


    • a suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide with a long lasting effect for the control of pests as listed.
    • easy to use
    • long residual action.
    • very low mammalian toxicity making it safe to use in sensitive areas
    • broad spectrum of control
    • low application rate
    • very cost effective
    • odourless and stainless
    • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Flies/Flying Insects

    Amarillo (1L)


    A unique ready-to-use adhesive paint or spray-on product used for preparing sticky surfaces to attract and capture flying pests

    Flexible application: Spray, paint or scroll
    Apply to poly film (such as pellet wrap), sheet plates or other smooth surfaces
    Yellow colour for attraction
    Non –toxic water based product
    Does not contain organic solvents, pesticides or pheromone lures
    Ideal for large area treatment and highly infested areas
    Adhesiveness remains for several months
    High resistance to extreme environmental conditions (such as rain, moisture, temperatures)
    Adhesiveness can be renewed at any time by applying another layer over to previous layer
    Wide range of application
    Agricultural, horticultural, animal housing, human dwellings, commercial and hospitality environments

  • Rodents/Rats

    Ambush rodent bait station


    Rodent bait station with snap trap

    • Manufactured of high quality polypropylene
    • Aesthetic and professional shape
    • Easy-to-use and clean
    • Weather & UV resistant
    • Wall or floor mountable• Wall or floor mountable• High resistance to mechanical damage• Universal key made of polypropylene
    • Patent lock protects against unauthorized access
    • Secure use of bait blocks, sachet, pellets and grain bait


  • Other Pests



    Ready for use non residual natural contact insecticide solution for the control of insects in households, retail- and food premises.

    Water base formulation
    No oil residue
    Registered for food premisis

  • Sprayers / Fogging machines

    ATOMER II – Ultra low volume electrical sprayer


    High speed rotary atomizer (more than 10 000 rpm)

    I ndependent air chemical control valve.

    Moving atomizerhead for more convenient application.

    Optimized design for small scale work.

    The consumption of chemicals and water is minimized while pests or disease control effect is maximized due

    to the spray system of the ultra fine particles.

    4 L tank, 1 2 L/min discharge rate 20 50 micron droplet size 4 3 kg dry weight 6 m

    Electrical cord

  • Ants



    A Space spray aerosol for control of insects

    Active Ingredients
    Pyrethrins …………………………….. 3 g / Kg

    Piperonyl Butoxide ………………….18 g / Kg

    Package Sizes

  • Flies/Flying Insects

    Avi-Kayazinon (1L)


    An emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach poison or control of insect pests

    Powerful and rapid knock-down
    Broad spectrum of control