MICROBURST 3000 DISPENSER- Automatic Aerosol System

Disinfectant metered dose aerosol

Wall mounted dispenser sprays a metered dose disinfectant that spreads and settles onto surfaces in.

The disinfectant kills airborne germs and germs on surfaces on contact

Microburst dispenser

•Two size dispenser 3000

•Strong durable Poli propoline construction to last for decades

•LCD display shows days before aerosol runs empty battery life

•Alarm notification Low Battery and empty aerosol

•Precise individual programming

•Hours of operation per day 8 12 16 24

•Set exact time to start operation

•Set which days of the week for operation

•Backwards programming

•Set how many days aerosol should last 30 60 90

•Regardless of individual customer settings, dispenser adjust spray intervals in order for aerosol to always last 30 days Aerosol