K-Obial (5L)


An emulsifiable concentrate containing a residual contact pyrethroid for the admix treatment of bulk stored raw cereals – maize, wheat, rye, oats and sunflower stored in silos. Also for use as a residual spray treatment, thermal fogging solution and for the treatment of bag stacks in grain storage facilities. For the control of confused flour beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, rust-red flour beetle, rice weevil, granary weevil, maize weevil and flat grain beetle.

Flexibility of application method
Can be used as a residual treatment of surfaces (up to 3 months)
Direct application to grain
Residual treatment of bag stacks
At 1ppm K-Obiol® EC 25 does not adversely affect germination of maize, wheat and barley seed
K-Obiol® EC 25 is suitable for tank mix application with registered fungicide mixture for seed treatment
Grain storage facilities, Silos