GLYBOR 300 (25L)


GLYBOR 300 is ready-for-use, glycol-based solution that is formulated
as a surface and/or internal treatment for preserving untreated and
difficult to treat timbers, whether new or existing, e.g. joinery, roof and
floor timbers, pole structures, etc.
It contains borate wood preserving active ingredients that provide
protection against fungal decay and insect attack. The unique
formulation ensures minimal evaporation whilst allowing for maximum
penetration of the active borate component into all types of uncoated
timber, irrespective of the wood moisture content.
GLYBOR 300 provides a colourless, odourless, non-flammable
treatment of low mammalian toxicity. Surface treatment can be
overcoated with wood coatings/finishes after adequate drying.