OSPREY UV light trap


Attracts flying pests, i.e. flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats by means of advanced UV light technology and catch them on an internal glue board.


Most powerful UV-A light on the market

  • PHILIPS Long-life UV-A Lamps® need only be changed every two years and deliver nearly twice as much UV-A light as the nearest competitor – and last twice as long!
  • PHILIPS Long-life UV-A Lamp® output Optimized to match the house fly’s vision spectrum guarantees you kill more flies.

VECTOTHOR Natural UV-A Light Technology

  • VECTOTHOR Natural UV-A Light Technology™ uses an exclusive High Frequency Light Pulse which ensures flies see the light just like natural sunlight. Consequently far greater attraction is shown to the VECTOTHOR lamps.

VECTOTHOR Heat Seeker Technology™

  • The unique louvers in the VECTOTHOR PEREGRINE, coupled with our High Frequency Electronic Light Pulse create a unique temperature trap targeted to 27o – 28o Celsius (81o – 82o Fahrenheit) – the ideal temperature for flying insects. This further increases the attraction of the VECTOTHOR PEREGRINE. It also triggers insects seeking infrared light to enter. Moreover the louvers act to trap the flies that have landed on the unit, which means faster catch rates.

VECTOTHOR Natural Contrast Grid™

  • VECTOTHOR Natural Contrast Grid™ mimics the natural way light is broken up when it shines through trees to more naturally attract flies.

Temperature optimised glue boards

  • Temperature Optimized Glueboard ensures total entrapment of the flies, even in tropical temperatures. A silicone paper coating means the board can be quickly and simply replaced.


Coverage 80 m2
Attraction grid Optimises landing rate by 30%
Light source 2 x 15w PHILIPS Long-life UV-A
Electronic Ballast Yes
Case Coated steel with ABS cover and grid
IP Rating 21 (Drip-proof)
Lamp-life 18,000 hrs
Dimensions 470 x 100 x 325mm
Mounting Wall
Power Consumption 35w
Weight 4 Kg